Massage therapy in ayurveda

Massag therapy Massage therapy is one of the effective procedure that is used in Ayurveda as a part of panchkarma treatment. Ayurveda is an Indian medicinal system which is full of magic as it consist of many different therapies which helps to heal the body in one way or other way.As main objective of Ayurveda… Continue reading Massage therapy in ayurveda

What is ayurveda? easiest way to understand ayurveda medicine

Today whole world wants to know more about Ayurveda specially after covid when the country like India in which there is abundance of population successfully able to deal with covid 19. No doubt ayurveda healthy life style protocol adopted by people helps them alot to make their immune system stronger.The meaning of ayurveda is that… Continue reading What is ayurveda? easiest way to understand ayurveda medicine

Benefits of triphala powder

Triphala churna becoming famous day by day because of its amazing health benefits.In India almost every family tried triphala atleast once for constipation but do you know that triphala has many more benefits that can bring a complete health only if it is taken in a right way.Ingredients of Triphala Powder:Triphala means ‘Three fruits’ i.e.Haritaki(Terminalia… Continue reading Benefits of triphala powder