Massage therapy in ayurveda

Massag therapy

Massage therapy is one of the effective procedure that is used in Ayurveda as a part of panchkarma treatment.

Ayurveda is an Indian medicinal system which is full of magic as it consist of many different therapies which helps to heal the body in one way or other way.
As main objective of Ayurveda is to prevent the diseases as well as to cure the diseases so to full fill this purpose of keeping the body healthy and also to treat the diseases full body massage is in practice since centuries.
In Ayurveda massage is also called as “Abhayanga” which means apply oil on body.


In Ayurveda massage is given a prime importance in daily practice. In Ayurveda it is recommended that massage should be done daily to keep the body healthy.

(1) It helps to slow down the process of aging and keeps the skin healthy and young.

(2)moreover, oil massage on body helps the oil to reach the deeper tissues which further keeps the nerves healthy.
(3)Oil massaging provide strength to the tissues.
(4)Oil massage balances the “vata dosha” in the body. Vata dosha is actually plays an important role in all type of movements. So in patients of paralysis oil massaging with different oils according to the diseases is used to improve the movement of effected part.
(5)Body massage also shows beneficial effect on other sensitive part of the body as it improves the eyesight.
(6)Full body massage and head massage is highly beneficial to treat insomnia so for a healthy sleep massage plays an amazing role.
(7)Since ancient time, body massage is considered as an important part of the lifestyle as it provides strength to the body and also add beauty in the personality of the individual.
(8)If somebody develop a discolouration after wound healing then massage with a specific oil or medicine helps to reduce discolouration of the skin.
(9)Body massage helps to increase the blood flow towards the distant part of the body that’s why in the patients of paralysis where there is loss of function of part of the body oil massage is recommended.
(10)Body massage in particular direction improves circulation to whole body parts and improves the function of musculoskeletal system.
(11)The biggest benefit of massage in a healthy individual is it removes toxins from the body and removes body fat and helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

How to do body massage?
In ayurveda it is recommended that light body massage should be done in synchronized manner means it should be done by 2 therapist in which one therapist will do massag on right side of body and second therapist will do left side massage at same time. Synchronized massage will help to maintain a energy flow to the direction of arterial flow.The massage stroke with a specific pressure should be applied which should cover large area of body at once that will help in maximum absorption of medicated oil through skin and in that way can show its maximum effect on body health. The oil used in massage should be warm
On joints circular motion

In Ayurveda natural healing system Massage is indicated specially in cold and dry wether condition because during that period of time dryness increases in the can check that with the texture of the skin in that wether condition which shows dryness over the skin but same kind of dryness also arise with in the body and shows its adverse effect on your health by disturbing the normal functioning of the body on smaller level then later on larger level so adopting a body massage in your life style shows very beneficial effect on health and also prevents many future diseases in the body.


It might be shocking for you that body massage is not meant for every one because in Ayurveda medicine are used in the patients only on the basis of the diseases but also according to the natural of the body type.
So there are many conditions indicated in Ayurveda where massage should not be used:
(1)Indigestion means if a person is suffereing from indigestion then in that case body massage should not be done. In Ayurveda digestion is considered to be happen on every level of the body wether it is stomach,intenstine,liver or is a vast topic that I will explain later on. But here which is important is digestion also take place on skin level also so that’s why oil massage should not be done in that case.
(2)Kapha dosha if aggravated in body means if some body feel more sleepy,heaviness in body,feeling of fullness in stomach,nausea,vomiting or itching then in that case oil massage should not be done.
In case of fever due to any reason specially during its initial days, Massage should not be done.
(3)One most important diseases here I want to mention is Rheumatoid arthritis.In Ayurveda it is known as Amavata. In this dieases if you use oil in initial phase of diseases then it may increase stiffness and severity of diseases.

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