Asthma attack and it’s quick treatment at home if you don’t have inhaler

Asthma attack:

Asthma attack is a condition in which patient lack oxygen supply to the body then patient starts feeling like surrounded by darkness and slowly drowning in to it.Person feel tierd and suffocated.

Symptoms of asthma attack:
Symptoms of asthma attack is very important to be known so to take quick action to save asthma patient life as soon as possible but asthma attack is divided into two categories.

Symptoms of asthma in adults:

Asthmatic patient develop a problem in which there is inflammation of airways take place which makes the airways narrow it means space through which air travel to the lungs and from lungs to outer environment decreases then demand of oxygen increases in the body and patient body face oxygen crises.

Here i have tried to share primary Asthma symptoms which are as follow:

(1) Difficulty in breathing as air ways become narrow in that case patient feel difficulty to breath freely.
(2) Coughing specially at night or early morning.I will make this more easy for you to understand. In Ayurveda i.e.traditional herbal system of medicine it is believed that early night and early morning is the time of kapha dosha means production of mucus in the lungs increases and also when you lie down on bed this is the position in which muscles of the chest needs to work little a bit more to take air in and throw it out.
(3) Sweating is the symptom of asthma attack which can be seen in some patient because as the oxygen demand increases patient become suffocated which ultimately leads to anxiety and demand for oxygen further increases therefore speed of respiration increases to fullfill the demand of oxygen and whole body system become more active which ultimately results in increase in sweating.
(4) Chest tightness is due to inflammation of air ways and as the speed of respiration increases then chest muscles become tierd then patient starts feeling tightness in chest.This feeling of chest tightness in asthma is actually a feeling like some one tightly tie up the chest with some rope or patient may feel like chest become hard.
(5) Some times sound that can be audible to the other person comes out of the lung of the asthmatic patient. Because as i told you earlier that there is narrowing of air ways in the lungs due to inflammation occur in air ways as a result of trigger in immune system to an allergen.

Symptoms of asthma in children:
Asthma symptoms in children are alarming sign for the parents that’s why it is the need of the hour that parents must be aware if this diseases so to get quick action for the benefit of their child.
Symptoms of asthma in children are as follow:
(1) If your child starts coughing at night or early morning it means there is some problem in the lungs or immune it’s a n alarming sign where you need to pay attention to your child’s health

(2) Your child face difficulty in sleeping specially at night due to chest congestion
(3) If once your child suffer from bronchitis,pneumonia or any other cough,cold like condition then recovery take more time as compare to other individuals then you should pay more attention to your child.
(4) Shortness of breath can be seen in the child.
(5) Irritatable behaviour of the child due to poor health condition
(6) Tierdness is also seen in the child therefore it’s become difficult bfor child to participate in games.
(7) Low confidence is alsoban another problem that child start facing due to poor health conditions.

Treatment of asthma attack:
While sharing my clinical experiences of treating an asthma patient i will inform you how to treat asthma patient in different situations.
Home remedies for asthma attack without inhaler:
One question that comes to the mind of the person who deals with asthma is that how to manage asthma attack without an inhaler so i am sharing few very effective home remedies that can be used during asthma attack:
(1) If patient is suffering from asthma attack immediately try to first make him feel relax because during the time of asthma attack demand for oxygen increases so if patient feel anxiety then demand for oxygen further increases which can worsen the condition so its very important to keep the patient relax and provide him/her a comfort zone this will definitely give relief to the patient upto 30%.
(2) First aid for asthma is let the patient sit in forward position this will help the patient to breath eaisly that will decrease patient’s extra efforts to take deep breath.
(3) Give hot water to the patient to drink immediately because most of the time patient suffer from asthma attack either in the cold climate or after eating cakes,creamy products or icecreams.Hot water helps to provide warmth to the respiratory tract.moreover, mucus accumulate in the airways also melt down.most important reason behind using hot water is that in Ayurveda Medicine it is believed that kapha dosha is actually responsible for asthma so to balance this kapha dosha hot water is very effective treatment.If you still don’t understand this fact don’t worry next time if needed just give a half glass of hot water to the asthma patient then you will see the result yourself.It is an advice to the asthma patient don’t go for too cold water in daily routine. It will be good for asthma patient on daily practice also to drink warm water.
(4) Massage the patient’s chest with luke warm sesame oil and add little a bit rock salt in that oil and give steam to the chest that shows wonderful results at the time of asthma attack.
(5) you will be surprised to know that in maximum number of cases stress is causative factor of asthma so at the time of asthma attack remove this stress factor let the patient feel comfortable as much as possible.
(6) Camphor,honey and clove mixture is a natural inhaler that you can make and store in a glass box.Take one piece of bheemseni camphor and 2 spoon of honey and 2 clove or laung in it and inhale it if you don’t have your medicated inhaler.camphor increases oxygen supply to the lungs

(7) Steam inhalation of water with 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil mixed with it can also help to open up the airways and clear the mucus from the airways.
(8) During asthmatic attack try to breath through nose slowly if possible because breathing through mouth can dry up the mouth and airways that can worsen the situation.While breathing during asthma attack relax your mind and feel comfortable then inhale slowly and exhale but exhale should be longer than inhale time.

So the treatment of asthma exacerbation includes position adjustment like forwardly bended siting position, warm oil massage on the chest,hot water intake,eucalyptus oil mixed water steam,natural inhaler and breathing techniques but ofcourse most importantly approach a medical consultation also for the betterment of the patient.

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