What is ayurveda? easiest way to understand ayurveda medicine

Today whole world wants to know more about Ayurveda specially after covid when the country like India in which there is abundance of population successfully able to deal with covid 19. No doubt ayurveda healthy life style protocol adopted by people helps them alot to make their immune system stronger.
The meaning of ayurveda is that ‘Ayurveda’ is made up of two words ‘Ayu’ and ‘veda’
‘Ayu’ means life and ‘veda’ means knowledge so the whole meaning of Ayurveda is knowledge about life from birth to death and even after death because Ayurveda works on physical,mental as well as spirtual level of an individual.
Most of people think ayurveda only restricted to kitchen of the house but you will be surprised that ayurveda is beyond your imagination it can treat even fatal diseases like cancer,AIDS and many more.
Infact ayurveda also includes tradition ways of surgeries with no side effects.

Different branches of Ayurveda:
There are different branches of Ayurveda means different areas of expertization that deals with different health related problems.
(1) kayachikitsa: kayachikitsa is also known as medicine which deals with the problem related to general health. In this department of Ayurveda different herbs used to treat the diseases. Thousands of herbs are mentioned in ayurveda literature to treat various diseases. That’s why it is very important to let the world know more about Ayurveda.
(2) Bala roga: Bala roga is also know as paediatric branch ‘Bala’ means child so all the health problems related to children are included in this branch of ayurveda.you will be surprised that ayurveda has different techniques to make the baby healthier and intelligent from the womb of the mother. There are many herbs mentioned in the Ayurveda to help the baby to achieve the milestones easily like jisitting,eating,standing,running and learning. There is very effective treatment available for problem like urine on bed at night,C.palsy, hypothyroidism, muscular dystrophy and many more.


(3)Urdhav ang: urdhav means above trunk region  and ang means organ of body so all the organs present above shoulder like neck mouth nose ear eyes and brain comes under this branch so here it can be compared with ENT department,Dental department, eye department and neurology department.surgeries related to nose and eyes are mentioned in ayurveda literature.more over, different lifestyles that can delay aging of eyes which ultimately prevent surgeries like cataract because ayurveda lifestyles ultimately keeps the organs healthy wether it is eye lens or brain. Different therapies and herbal medicines are available to treat allergies,cold, conjuctivitis,migrain and many more.
(4)Shalya chikitsa: shalya means surgery and chikitsa means treatment so if any body needs surgery then he or she will be treated in shalya tantra branch of ayurveda.
(5)Jara : jara means aging so ayurveda has complete stock of effective herbs and therapies to delay aging and to prevent the diseases that occur in old aging so basically if you follow ayurveda lifestyle then your old age become happy one.
(6)Parsuti tantra: parsuti means female going to give birth to a baby so this department consists of knowledge like care of pregnant women and to treat any kind of infertility or problems women face after delivery.
Overall this department includes all the women reproductive system diseases and their effective treatment.
(7)Panchkarma department: Panchkarma is made up of two term i.e. ‘pancha’ means five and karma means therapies.
This department includes 5 therapies that shows magical effects in any kind of diseases. The therapies given to the patient through oral route,anal route,genital route to get desirable effect of the therapy.


What ever i have shared is just a one percent knowledge about ayurveda. ayurveda is an ocean of knowledge related to health that needs to be exposed. In future i will try to elaborate each and every aspect about Ayurveda in a very simplest way to help you all to live a healthy and happy life.

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I am an ayurveda physician sharing my knowledge about natural healing system through natural ways which helps to treat major health diseases and also prevent the diseases.These Ayurveda health shots will help you to live a healthy life

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