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Triphala churna becoming famous day by day because of its amazing health benefits.In India almost every family tried triphala atleast once for constipation but do you know that triphala has many more benefits that can bring a complete health only if it is taken in a right way.
Ingredients of Triphala Powder:
Triphala means ‘Three fruits’ i.e.Haritaki(Terminalia chebula), Bibhitaki(Terminalia bellirica) and Amalki((Phyllanthus emblica).
Haritaki : Its scientific name is Terminalia chebula that is known as a very respectable medicine in ayurveda which is able to treat almost every diseases when used in different preprations.

  Types of haritaki

(1) 1st type of Haritaki is ‘Vijya’ that is used in the treatment of almost all type of diseases.
(2) 2nd type of haritaki is ‘Putna’ that can be applied on the effected part of the body as a local application.
(3) 3rd type of Haritaki is ‘Abhya’ that is highly beneficial in eye related problems but ofcourse there is always a proper process to use this haritaki in eye diseases.
(4) 4th type of haritaki is ‘Jeewanti’ as the name represent ‘jeewan’ which means life
That makes the body diseases free.
(5) 5th type of haritaki is Amrita that is used in the detoxification of the body by washing out the impurities from the body.
(6) 6th type of haritaki is Rohani which helps in wound healing.
(7) 7th type of haritaki is Chetaki which is further of 2 type the longer one is whitish in colour and shorter one is black in colour. Chetaki haritaki work so magically if someone stand under the shed of its tree then it can still cure the constipation if that person by doing action through its smell.

Properties of Haritaki(Terminalia chebula)

Rasa(Taste) – 5 rasa except Lavan -means Haritaki fruit has all the 5 tastes like sweet,sour,bitter,Pungent and astringent but it does not have salty taste with which it shows its effect on different doshas of body.
Guna (Qualities)- Ruksha(dry), Ushan(Hot potency)
Benefits of Haritaki(Terminalia chebula) –

(1) Haritaki work as a ‘Rasayana’ means it is a very good immunomodulator and can delay aging that is a wish of every individual to live a longer life but also diseases free so to fullfill this desire Haritaki must be added in the diet.

Immunomodulator means one that increase immunity so if you are health conscious you might be aware of this thing that immunity is the key to unlock a long healthy life.
(2) Second most important effect of Haritaki is “anulomana” means to remove stool,wastes and gas from the body through anal route.

Retention of wastes in the body is biggest reason behind the occurance of all the diseases.every day passage of stool is important but that exertion of body wastes out of the body are not enough because still there is waste left in the body so to expel out that extra waste product out of the body needs a drug like Haritaki.

Here you can understand the action of Haritaki like a Laxative but it work in a better way in the excretion of the body wastes.
(3) It is very light to digest so it also helps in improving the digestion of person.

Haritaki/Terminalia chebula image

(4) As it is Madhur,tikta and Kashaya so it helps in balancing the pitta dosha i.e. burning ,inflammation etc in the body and as it is Katu,tiktum and kashyam it is Kapha shamak in its action. Over all haritaki helps in maintaining balance between all the three doshas vata,pitta and kapha. If you have a little knowledge about Ayurveda you might know that vata,pitta and kapha are the pillars of life.
(5) Haritaki is very useful in treating diseases like skin diseases,cough,asthma sore throat,mouth ulcers and almost all the digestion related problems.

Bhabitak(Terminallia bellirica):

Bhabitaki is also known as Bahedha.This fruit got its name as it keep the bhay(fear) of diseases away from human bodyIts half riped fruit cure constipation and fully riped fruit used in the treatment of diarrhoea.That’s why it is always recommended to take the ayurvedic medicines from some knowledgable Ayurveda physician.

Benefits of Bhabhitaki :
Bhabhitak is used as an important ingredient in’Triphala’ so to make a powerful powder to cure constipation.
These are the following well known uses of Bhabbitak that can help to know this fruit in better way:
(1) Bhabbitak is in practice since centuries to keep the throat healthy and it is highly useful in treating the diseases related to throat.
(2) Bhabhitaki is also very useful as a brain tonic so if you are looking for some natural brain strengthning medicine then you can add this in your diet but again keep in mind that a single medicine can be used for multiple purposes through different prepration method.
(3) Babhitaki is highly beneficial in treating the problem like itching,skin allergy,piles,problems related to abdominal organs like speen,cough and eyes related diseases.

Bibhitak/Terminalis bellirica image

(4) Do you know? That Babhitak is also very famous in the market for its oil use because Babhitak oil is proved to be nutritious for hair,add colour to the hair and also cure itching over scalp
(5) Babhitaki is also act as Pain killer and anti inflammatory when used with other drugs

 Amla(Emblica officinalis)

The third most important ingredient used in the prepration of ‘Triphala’ is Amla also known as Amalaki.This drug getting so much famous day by day because of its magical health benefits.

Benefits of Amla –
If we talk about the benefits of amla then that can be endless importance because this small ball like fruit is rich in highly beneficial nutrients that can protect you from thousands of diseases because of its strong friendship with immune system
Here I am highlighting the few well known uses of Amla (Indian gooseberry)

(1) Indian gooseberry also known as amla is a very good immunity booster drug if you add a single amla in your diet then definitely you are doing a great favour to your body.
(2) Amla also shows soothing effect in the body by balancing the excessive heat in the body.
(3) Indian gooseberry plays a key role in curing constipation if taken daily.

(4) Amla act as a diuretic also means it increase urine excretiom from body in that way balances heat in the summers and can also helps the patient of high B.P.
(5) Amla shows very good effect in disease like jaundice when taken with other medicines but still it can be added in the diet as a fruit also.
(6) Amla work as a appetizer means thatcan hunger if you lack hunger.It also improves digestion so in that way increase the over all immunity of the patient.
(7) Amla also shows good effect on the mind is considered as a very good brain tonic as it is rich in antioxidants so delay aging of brain and body.
(8) Amla powder is very beneficial in maintaining the ph of stomach so if somebody have acidity then amla must be added in diet.Now so people may think about this concept that amla is sour so it may increase acidity but it doesn’t not work like this.In Ayurveda we consider so many factors like Amla potency is cold so it shows soothing effect in body by balancing the heat in the body.
Formation of Triphala:

Prepration of Triphala needs three drugs i.e. Haritaki,Babhitaki and Amlaki
When these three drugs added in equal quantity then this powerful combination is formed. Some literature explaine prepration of ‘Triphala’ by adding 1 part of fruit of Haradh(Haritaki), 2 parts of fruit of Bahedha(bhabitaki) and 3 parts of fruits of Amla.
There may be variation in the ratio of three drugs but intensity of its effects never decreases.

Uses of Triphala :

When it comes to the benefits of triphala powder we can understand that the qualities of three most powerful drugs are combined in it.

(1) Triphala has antimicrobial properties,pain killer and anti inflammatory.
(2) Triphala is also used in osteoarthritis,diabetes, anaemia and skin diseases.
(3) Triphala shows its wonderful results on digestive system. It cures constipation but always keep in mind that it also increase dryness so don’t use it for longer period because that can also cause constipation so best advise for you is first consult a good Ayurveda physician because Ayurveda medicines work according to the nature of the body if your body is already have much dryness then for you triphala will be given with some other drugs.
(4) In Ayurveda samhitas triphala is used as jawaraghan dravya not directly for constipation so in that way triphala is highly beneficial in all type of fever wether it is typhoid,dengue,malaria or jaundice because in Ayurveda it is believed that fever is actually involves the disturbance in the that must be treated specially if patient is suffering from constipation along with fever.
Triphala churna dosage for constipation:

(1) The dose of triphala depends on the nature of body of individual,strength of individual and digestion of individual.

(2) How much triphala should be taken for constipation that must be decided by the Ayurveda physician
But For effective results in severe constipation Triphala must be given in a dosage of 3 -6 gm with luke warm water. Don’t go for hot water or cold water.
(3) For constipation 3-5gm of triphala should be given but one thing keep in mind that take triphala powder atleast 3-5 days for best results if you are suffering from severe constipation.
How to take triphala churna at night: After taking light food 1 tsf of triphala powder with luke warm water must be taken in case of severe constipation during bed time
Triphala churna side effects: As for as side effect of triphala powder is concered there is no such severe side effects seen in the patient but do you know if you take triphala for long time then this can cause dryness in the body which can further leads to constipation.

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